The world: Midburgh

You live in a world that is run by Elves and Dwarves. Of course, not all elves are made equal, and not all dwarves are made equal. You do have good and evil, but what may be good for one city may be considered evil in another. There is a lot of gray which will be left for you to decide. Elves and dwarves live in accord, but not without some animosity at times. It helps that elves’ realms covers the land (mostly), while the dwarves dominion consists underground (mostly).

1) There are two major dwarven cities located on Midburgh that consists of the Agroatine Dwarves and the Grimbrew Dwarves. Agroatine Dwarves are known for their mining, which is the Agroatine ore that is very expensive and very rare. This metal helps develop the finest magical weapons you will see in the land and even the elves can’t argue the quality. The Grimbrew Dwarves are known for their ‘brew’ if you will. It is well known that the best ale you could possibly want will be found at Grimbrew Mountain. Both cities are located underground and there are towns run by both kings on the surface. Both clans work with one another for trading and such, and you won’t hear about it much, but there is a rivalry within the clans to become the richest in the land. As they say, dwarves care about their gold, getting drunk, and their weapons.

Major enemies consist of the Duergar and Drow

2) Elves tend to keep to themselves. They believe every other race to be inferior and do not disclose information about themselves to anybody unless there is a very special situation. This being known, it is actually unknown how many Elven cities there actually are, but there is a name thrown out there when talking about the hierarchy or the elves, and that name is Guenhwyvar Valhorn. There are plenty of surface towns that are run by the ‘elves’ though. It is unclear as to how it happens, but an elf will appoint somebody to run a town, not always an elf though. Why they pick ‘inferior’ races to run a town or city they control has always been a major question to the different races of Midburgh, and many people believe it serves as an experiment or entertainment purpose for the elves. Each town/city does have an Elven emissary that is behind the scenes to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Elves always seem to have money. It may be due to living for hundreds of years or that they always have the best of wines. Nobody is sure where their money comes from, but anybody who gets in with the elves tends to be richer for it.

Major enemies are unknown, but is assumes the Drow.

3) Other races (playable) within Midburgh are Humans, Gnomes, Dragonborns, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, Tiefling, and any subclasses of the mentioned races. All these races are commonly seen (except Dragonborn, Half-Orcs, and Tieflings) and follow the rules of the domains they are currently inhabiting (Map with where you will be starting the campaign and the different territories will be linked soon).

Absolute Darkness

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